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Inoxx PB

Inoxx PB

Premium Heavy-Duty pedestal made of stainless steel AISI316 with tubes of 129/108 mm. Gas-strut height adjustment (400N). »Quick-Release« locking system. Tubes and base are highly polished. Base Ø 300 mm.

Two standard heights, custom heights on request.
Pedestals meet and exceed American safety guidelines ABYC/H31!

Item no. Item Price / Euro [without VAT] Price / Euro [with VAT]
32340Inoxx PB300-I seat pedestal, height 400-590 mm1300,001547,00
32360Inoxx PB300-II seat pedestal, height 600-790 mm1344,001599,36

Valid Value Added Tax (VAT) for deliveries to private customers within the EU is 19%. For residential customers outside the EU, the VAT in the respective home country (= shipping address) is taken.

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