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Casino seats particularly suited to slot machines

We are also engaged in arcade seat production, with the same degree of care and dedication with which we develop seats for commercial shipping and recreational sailing. Specially designed for arcades and casinos, these robust swivel seats satisfy the unique requirements of such a setting and hence enjoy the reputation of being indestructible. After over four decades in the sector, our casino seats have become the byword for quality and durability.

We guarantee comfortable seats that are of the highest quality and flexibly adaptable to our clients' specific wishes. These seats easily cope with many hours of constant, intensive usage, are resistant to wear and tear and retain their quality. Our seats withstand repeated use and support different body types, offer stability and safety and result in satisfied customers.

Casino seats

The arcade seats provide an indestructible solution for arcades and casinos. They have enjoyed a reputation for quality and durability for over four decades now, offering a level of comfort and adaptability that will satisfy the most specific of requirements.


A stylish spoke star seat base in shiny aluminium provides extra stability in motion. This tried-and-tested seat support with robust castors comes in various heights. The chrome finish adds a luxurious touch.