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Helm seats for recreational sailing

Comfort, functionality and durability on board are crucial in the world of recreational sailing. A comfortable seat is a prerequisite for fully enjoying one's time on the water, and that is precisely what Pörtner seats offer. Their ergonomic design guarantees maximum comfort as you while away the hours sailing, fishing or relaxing.

Indispensable for anyone who loves days of adventuring on the water. Our seats comes in an array of styles and colours, meaning they will dovetail seamlessly with any vessel's aesthetic. Thus ensuring they excel not only in terms of comfort and ergonomics but also in terms of style.

Pörtner helm seats

A comfortable seat is essential for ultimate enjoyment on the water. Pörtner helm seats combine ergonomic design with optimal comfort whilst sailing, fishing and relaxing. Available in an array of styles and colours, dovetailing with any vessel's aesthetic. Unrivalled comfort, ergonomics and style for optimal water sport experience.

Zwaardvis pedestals

Our seat pedestals are designed for comfort, durability and style on the water. Technically advanced designs provide versatile functionality, with the durable aluminium lending the interior a chic look.

Fixed height / Aluminium

Fixed height / Stainless steel

Box mounting

Adjustable height / Aluminium

Adjustable height / Stainless steel


These robust footrests featuring flip-up foot panels and swivel function will bolster enjoyment on the water. This versatile addition not only boosts comfort but also encourages healthy sitting posture and effortlessly suits a variety of styles.